About The SmartFarmer

SmartFarmer is a Product by Green Afro-Palms Limited: a farming service, using principles of cooperative farming & technology (Internet of Things “IOT”) for an integrated platform to coordinate resources into farming (crop, animal production and agro-processing).

Commercial Studio

Airport Round About off Buokrom Kenyasi Road,Inside Serwaa Plaza Building

Working Hours

Monday - Friday

Farm and Enjoy Big Returns in Farming

Do you know you can Enjoy up to 50% Returns on your farming ticket just by farming as a SmartFarmer ?

Monitor your farm from your Home

Own a farm as a SmartFarmer without any hard work and risks. We do all the hard work, take measures to eliminate risk and secure buyers while you make your returns after harvest.

Our Aim

Organic Food Production for Healthy and Wealthy Farmers

How SmartFarmer works

Its easy and simple, start farming and earn returns on high yielding farms today

Sign Up

Sign up for a SmartFarmerID

Choose a Ticket

Choose a ticket through Physical Payment,Mobile Money or Debit card

Join a Farm

Choose a farm put to up for cultivation.
Monitor farms from your convenience & enjoy Returns from farm

How to become a smartfarmer

Farms Under Cultivation



1000 acres of Maize

palm plantation

Oil Palm

1200 acres of oil palm plantation



4000 birds


  • Monitor and Track yields whereever you are
  • Stress free daily and constant checks on farms
  • Farm without knowing how to farm
  • Simple and Convenient way to earn from farming

Risk Checks

  • Disease and Pest control with IOT technology and drones
  • Insured Farms
  • Mechanised Farming
    • Smart Irrigation and Vaccination
    • Ploughing & Harvesting

Other Farms

  • Mushroom
  • Vegetables