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    Green Afro-Palms
    To be the number one agro-company standing out in Plantation cultivation and Agro-Processing.

Green Afro-Palms (GAP) is a growing agro-company in GHANA-Africa creating sustainable Agric-business that is driven by entrepreneurship, innovation and a desire for social change.



Our primary farming activity is in Oil palm cultivation, running the GTP Project with second activity in Vegetable cultivation (tomatoes, chili pepper), producing oil palm fruits for value additional......

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• Efficient processing and production of agro-consumer products such as crude palm oil (CPO) Purified palm oil (PPO), palm kernel oil (PKO), palm fiber for wood and palm fiber cake (PFC). Crude and Purified palm oil represents 80% of our product mix, with kernels for palm kernel oil about 12% and fiber cake around 8%..

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• We advocate for research into development of agriculture in Africa. Our current research: “Suitability of converting abandoned degraded small scale mining lands into Plantations”.

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GAP Core Values

Green Afro-Palms our primary core values .

  • • Health And Safety is our priority- among employees and in communities we will operate.

    • We treat each other with fairness and respect, and seek to provide opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

    • We foster a working environment that supports diversity.

  • • We are and will continuously be committed to high ethical and governance standards.

    • We are vigilant in protecting the environment, and strive to minimize our environmental footprint.

    • We support sustainable initiatives to provide lasting benefits to the communities where we work.

  • • We are results-oriented, with focus on execution of our business objectives.

    • We value innovation, adaptability and accountability to execute our business strategy.

    • We reward excellence.

    • We promote continuous improvement as our business culture .

  • • We are prudent with shareholders’ money.

    • Discipline is pivot to our management philosophy.

    • We pursue efficient ways to utilize company’s resources.

    • We will always seek new and innovative ways to drive down our costs.

GAP's Mission

• To implement best farming and processing technology for production of food and agro-products.

• To promote sustainable development of Agriculture in Africa to feed the World, generate employment and create wealth with maximum impact to society.

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