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Project Description :

GTP is a farming project, one of its kind that is solving the fundamental problem of small scale oil palm farmers not getting access to funding and knowledge in farming and access to post-harvest processing technologies in a more productive manner that will stimulate higher yields from farms and more value added processed products from their yields.


The GTP:

  1. Conducts search for oil palm farms neglected or under-managed by small scale farmers.
  2. Outreach and sensitize to such farm owners on the GTP program.
  3. Adopt farms; taking details of farms (size, owner, location and years of existence, type of management practice, etc.).
  4. Enrolls farm workers on modern management practices (MMP) training in a practical continuous sessions throughout farm’s maintenance.
  5. Engage farm owners and trained farm workers on these adopted farms for its improved management using the GTP modern farming technology.
  6. Setup “satellite” improved processing facility that links all adopted farms for a centrally positioned processing and packaging of yields within catchment of mill to be channeled for the market.
  7. Uses farms under management and processing facility as academic sensitization models for field demonstrations on improved oil palm farming to young potential farmers in institutions and other small farmers within catchment of the GTP operational location.




The Green the Palms-GTP after its first year has:

  1. Conducted feasibility studies on over 200 oil palm farms within project location in Ashanti Region, Ahafo-Ano South District- Ghana-West Africa.
  2. Created an e-database with details of small farmers and their farms.
  3. Adopted a total of 4,500 palm trees on 75 acres (10 farms) with 3,200 trees fully salvaged and presently under best management with fruits used as raw material for CPO processing.
  4. Total of 15 people gaining employment with 6 permanently as farm workers including cooks on current adopted farms under the GTP.
  5. The 53 acres of the farms (10 farms) adopted now yield 3 times than their original yields and farmers earn 4 times than their original earnings.
  6. The GTP is planning to adopt 100 more farms out of the 190 farms already feasibly accessed.


Project Details :

  • Date : May 15, 2017

  • Client : GTP Ghana

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