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Agriculture is the world's largest industry employing more than one billion people and generating over US$1.3 trillion dollars’ worth of food annually: it is the source of Livelihood, Raw Materials, Revenue, & Food Security etc.       Africa is deemed to have the greatest portion of the World’s suitable lands for agriculture, however, 60 % of the World’s uncultivated arable lands still exist in Africa and over 40% of the lands under cultivation are done by small scale farmers who use unimproved farming tools with little and no funding or education for farming. Farming in Africa lacks attention by stakeholders hence farmers struggle to improve technologies for expansions of farms to produce more food to feed Africa and the World. These struggles of farmers make farming an unattractive venture to most people including the youth.

However, agriculture is a great profession and if farmers are supported to sustain their activities there is a huge potential for more production of food form Africa to aid in feeding ourselves and the World.

In view of this we wish to bring the African farmer into perspective and on this note created a social-enterprise dubbed (Farmers Coffee- FC); purposely in support of their activities hence the farmer will not lack access to finance to support their activities for the growing of more food.

FC- Farm FUND is a fund set up through donations by society (Individuals, Organizations, Groups, etc), with major aim of providing support specifically for agriculture and its agri-businesses.  A fund providing farmers with tools and resources including financing needed to grow their activities.


The FC-Farm FUND is set up to be used in the expansion of agriculture and its related Industry in Africa commencing in Ghana. Its activities are to be in:

  • Field Operations
  • Agro Innovations
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Farms Insurance
  • Micro & Macro Agro-Financing
  • Agro-Logistics;
  • Cooperate Operations
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Communications;

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Project Details :

  • Date : May 15, 2017

  • Client : Farmers Coffee

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